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I was moved to create this site after seeing some of the rubbish found on the internet doing a Google search recently. I have been a practicing member of Sukyo Mahikari for well over 20 years now, practicing it in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. I'm an IT Professional in Canberra, Australia where I live with my wife and children, all of whom practice giving Light too. Children from 10 years old and over are able to wear Omitama and give Light.

Practicing the art of Mahikari (giving and receiving True Light as it's known) and practicing the teachings as best I can in my daily life has changed my life in more ways than I can enumerate. Of course my life isn't without its ups and downs, but the general slope of the quality of life is an upward one. Many of lifes troubles experienced by my friends go past me and my family without a ripple. Truely, one can achieve health, harmony and prosperity simply by putting God first in ones life, because that's all I've done.

And no, I'm not a rabid religeous freak, I'm just a normal person who knows a good thing when he sees it.

I have seen people come and go in in their practice. Many that have stopped practicing have restarted again, perhaps after seeing what they were missing. One or two others (with dented ego's IMO) have chosen to pour poison into the world, trying hard to stop the unstoppable. "Why do they do this if they've been purifying themselves with God's Light?", I hear you ask. Beats me! No idea. Their will to add to the general negativity in the world is stronger than their memories of the love and peace felt while practicing 'tuning in with God' I guess.

Why do I refer to 'the unstoppable'? It is the Creator God's will that people change at this time. Thus the tools to change were sent via the organisation of Sukyo Mahikari (are there others??). Those tools are Gods purifying Light and teachings.

If you read this and are moved to want to experience True Light, look in the telephone book for your local Sukyo Mahikari Centre or see the 'Links' tab on this site to get the contact details, if there isn't one listed email me and I'll do my best to get a country contact address for you, they should be able to help you. There are never any strings attached to receiving Light, receive as often as you'd like, enjoy, take your family to receive too.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me. Email me if you feel like it. I'm not interested in the negative ones sorry (in case you're tempted) but for those people who are trying hard to come closer to God, trying hard to find their way through the present day chaos, Sukyo Mahikari and the practice of True Light can help you, regardless of race, religion or any other perceived divisor.

If I had the power to give two words to the world (where's my magic wand?) those two words would be; 'TAKE RESPONSIBILITY'.

All the very best folks,



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