Some examples of "Universal Principles" - or Sukyo, in action


A few examples of the some of Principles taught through Sukyo Mahikari, being used in daily life.

(more to be added at a later time)

1. Kototama

What is Kototama?

Kototama (or Kotodama as it's also sometimes called) is a power associated with each word.

The pictures used here to illustrate the importance of using only positive words on living things, and to illustrate the effect words can have on ones surroundings, and thus this importance of using good, positive or 'pure' words (eg, thank you, etc).

Below are simple illustrations for what is a deep and complex principle, but it's effects are far reaching and affect us all.

The photo's are from a primary school science project.

Others have written books regarding this subject, for example Dr Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiments,

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